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~Low Profile
~Completely Self Draining
~Installs in Minutes
~Union Fitting for the 1 1/2″ Inlet
~Maintenance Free- No Moving Parts
~Less than 2% Flow Restriction of water
~No Electricity Required- Eliminates Electrical
~Heater Liabilities and Service Problems
~Designed to be Standard Equipment on all new and
existing installations
~Costs much less than Conventional Electric or Gas Heaters
~Tapered Glue Joints for the 1″ or 1 1/2″ Discharge Outlets
~Will Maintain Water Temperature Indefinitely
~Government Research Council Tested
~Tee Shaped- Eliminates Tee Coupling
~Manufactured from Strong PVC Plastic
~UL Approved!
~Free Heat!

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Are you losing sales to the competition?

Do your whirlpool baths come with FREE HEAT?

Do you need a second electrical line, and a GFCI to run your heater?

Would you like to double, or triple your tub sales with heaters?