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Installation Instructions for the Thermowave™ Heater:
Read all instructions before beginning!

You will need the following items to install a Thermowave heater in a existig whirlpool bath. You may use all of the parts provided, only part of, or you may need different sizes of components.  Depending on your specific tub.  We have provided the most common sizes in the industry.


Package Contents:
1- Thermowave® water heater
1- Cable wire cutter
1- Pump union with o-ring
2- 1″ couplings
2- 1/2″ pieces of 1″ flex pipe
1- Can of pvc glue


Step 01 Standard Tub

Step 1:
Remove access panel to the equipment area of the tub

Step 02 Thermowave Fits

Step 2:
Hold the Thermowave in place to check for clearance of heater.
8 1/4″ left to right
4 1/2″ from the top of the union to the underside of the tub
3 1/2″ front to back

Step 03 Measure

Step 3:
Mark discharge line 3 1/4 Inches from center of union

Step 04 Cut

Step 4:
Cut discharge line on or inside of line towards union.  Cut closer to
the union if you think you may need more “play” in the pipe. Use
short strokes to start the cable wire cutter.  Remove all burrs from
inside and outside of the cut pipe.

Step 05 Remove Union

Step 5:
Unscrew bottom of union from pump and remove tee and union.

Step 07 Glue Union

Step 6:
Assemble union and ensure the o-ring is in place.
Apply glue (provided) to inside of union.

Step 06 Glue Thermowave

Step 7:
Apply glue to outside of Thermowave.

Step 08 Attach Union & Thermowave

Step 8:
Slide the union and Thermowave together and turn union 1/2 twist to
seal the glue joint.

Let dry for 10 minutes before next step.

Step 9:
Place Thermowave on top of pump and screw union onto pump.
Red face plate should be facing forward.
(make sure o-ring is in the bottom of the union)
**Do not over tighten union to the pump**

Step 09 Glue Thermowave

Step 10:
Apply glue to inside of Thermowave discharge coupling.

Step 10 Glue Pipe

Step 11:
Apply glue around end of discharge pipe.

Step 11 Attach Pipe & Thermowave

Step 12:
Slide pipe into Thermowave side coupling.

**Repeat Steps 10- 12 to the other side**

Step 12 Completed Install

Step 13:
Installation Completed



* Turn Power back on
* Fill tub and check for leaks before turning on the pump
* Check again with pump on



Every installation will vary depending on the tub.
If your tub has only hard tubing/piping going to the tee – you may
want to cut the hard pipe farther back and install soft flex pipe
(provided) for ease of installation.  (1″ soft flex and couplings

Possible Hard to Flex Pipe

One sided discharge?

If you have a one sided discharge instead of a T, the Thermowave heater is designed so you can cap one side with a plumbing cap. *plumbing cap is not included in the kit but can be found in most hardware stores*