Thermowave™ is the alternative to electric in-line heaters!

Thermowave  creates FREE HEAT by heating water without an electric heater.  Thermowave heats the bath’s water with the friction of water molecules.  With rising electric costs sweeping the nation Thermowave  is now, more than ever, being sought after as the electric alternative.  The addition of Thermowave  to your product line adds a outstanding new feature and benefit, FREE HEAT. A closing tool every sale would profit from, and increases your bottom line.

Who couldn’t sell FREE HEAT?


Working with state of the art industrial designers, Thermowave has developed what has been regarded as one of the greatest technological breakthroughs in the jetted whirlpool bathtub industry.

One of today’s major mechanical challenges is to reduce the amount of heat created by moving parts. (i.e. Molecules
rubbing together.)  Any molecule when rubbed together, whether it be your hands, engine parts, or water molecules,
creates heat.  Molecular friction of water is the basis of how Thermowave functions.  We have taken this challenge and
turned it into your advantage,by converting the heat of molecular friction into heat for your whirlpool bath.

This patented heating system concentrates molecular friction into the Thermowave water heater, without
restricting water flow to the whirlpool bath.  Simply mounted on the discharge side of the water pump, the
Thermowave will convert the energy of the moving water into “FREE HEAT!”

Rigorous Government and independent factory testing has proven the principles of  Thermowave technology over and
over.  Government research council test results proved, through testing the same bath at 103 degrees for over 6 1/2
hours, that Thermowave maintained water temperature within 1/2 of a degree F.

Because the water is creating it’s own heat, without the use of gas or electric elements, the Thermowave is safe and
economical…. “FREE HEAT!”